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by Starman
Mon Apr 01, 2019 11:44 pm
Forum: Say Hi, if you like
Topic: Howdy from Kauai
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Howdy from Kauai

Thanks Colm and Fenton for putting this together. One of you guys should be Starman, not me, but its the first whimsical name that jumped out of my head when asked for a handle. I am Planet Amnesia on Youtube and have a web site by that name. My name is Andrew Fitts, age 65. I have been following th...
by Starman
Mon Apr 01, 2019 4:34 am
Forum: Connecting the dots of the starfort phenomenon...
Topic: A Theory
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Re: A Theory

Great synopsis, Fenton, all that I agree with. Also significant is your use of the term 'Star Civilization' to call out a missing era of worldwide history. It feels post-Atlantean, but with templates from earlier. Anybody not looking into starforts will not encounter this term, so you are on new gro...
by Starman
Mon Apr 01, 2019 4:18 am
Forum: Any Other Anomolies
Topic: Mud Flood
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Re: Mud Flood

StarCivs? Another term for starforts? It is unfortunate that the current go-to name gives meaning to it as a type of military structure and use. I wonder if starfort earthworks were a way to protect those inside the 'fort' from outside raging mudfloods? All starforts have rather high ramparts and ap...