A Theory

Your thoughts or theory about the starfort phenomenon. Possible links to myths and legends etc. What happened to the Star Civ? What impact this could have on the world? All ideas welcome.
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Re: A Theory

Post by Citizenship » Mon Dec 28, 2020 11:08 pm

Fenton wrote:
Mon Dec 28, 2020 9:49 pm
It's strange, I know - but what I'm about to talk about will sound like absolute madness. Perhaps it is.

Time has always worked differently for me - differently from anyone else I have met.
In our own minds, as we grow and become adults (whatever that means), we automatically assume that everyone else thinks the way do. And by thinks, I mean the way we each process information, talk to ourselves, check that what we are about to say during a conversation with someone else is appropriate, etc. Many will never realise how different their process of thought is so different to others, because nothing comes along to trigger a realisation that they are unique thinkers, in societal terms.

To explain how time works differently for me, I must make an analogy, to simplify the concept. This is an analogy showing how my life has unfolded -

On Tuesday 1st, a story about a professional tennis player catches my eye. I am fascinated by it - I don't know why, I'm not interested in tennis - but I spend several hours researching the story, looking far deeper than I strictly need to. Then, suddenly, I am no longer interested and move on to something else. The tennis story is no longer important.
On Thursday 3rd (two days later), a story about Westminster, London catches my eye. Again, for some reason that seems important at the time - but quickly forgotten afterwards - I research the story in depth. Again, I lose interest and move on.
On Saturday 12th (nine days later), I meet, quite by accident, a professional tennis player from Westminster.

As I said, the above is an analogy. I haven't met a tennis player from Westminster, but I hope it explains the concept. I believe many, if not all of us, may have this latent ability, but that we are simply blind to it.

What has this got to do with the StarCiv?

Well, for the past twenty-five years, I have researched many, many subjects that I had no idea as to why I was researching them. This research, ranging from religion to science and from mind to matter, led to me questioning the very reality that we live in. I was forced to create my own concepts and terminologies for the reality that we live within - because most of the established ideas seemed so wrong.
But that's another set of stories - for another day.

Then, on Jan 19th, 2019, I understood why.

I opened up Google Earth and saw the StarCiv. Everywhere.

And I understood them.
This is completely understandable, some call it synchronicity, others serendipity and i just like to call it fate.

There seems to be a reason for being here/now and it is not to live and then die in the fictitious commercial realm that most are trapped within, there is no meaning in that, when one looks at the accomplishments that our currant rulers have tried so hard to wipe not only from the face of whatever/wherever we live but also our collective memories it becomes clear that there is more to this life then just the next paycheck.

We were once in total harmony with our environment, so much so that we were able to terrorform it and make it work for us all whilst also making it look pretty damn good, maybe even had a hand in not only predicting things like the weather but also had some measure of control over it.

As for the stories that we are told by the scientists well they don't seem to hold much water anymore and i think the powers that be are in their last ditch attempt to regain control of their narrative and hence the currant scare, that is why they are faking it to make it.

Anyways i will take the time to thank you for all the hard work that you and Colm and all other contributors have put into this site, i was aware of starforts before but not the civs and field networks and this site has brought all of that together for me so again big big thanks.

Moving forward i do not think as individuals we can do much other than to remain open minded and use our intuition as a guide, if it doesn't feel right it ain't right.

I will leave a link for everyone that does not know about the Stolen History site here, it was taken down earlier in the year but the group managed to find itself and come together once again and i have to say it is a fantastic community that throws our currant narrative right out of the window, this site even has a few worthy mentions over there and i know a few members are also members here, one could say you are long lost siblings.


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Re: A Theory

Post by Realm Sensor » Thu Dec 31, 2020 2:59 pm

Greetings, I agree, I think these parasites are slowly losing control and are getting disorganized. I also think there are powers for good working within the system. A lesser talked about theory I agree with is that the earths population is much lower than we are told, some might feel this makes the parasites job easier, but i think it has the opposite effect. Where does the StarCiv come into this? I think we are headed towards a "DIY" ( do it yourself ) future, and with that comes fulfillment, resilience, and sense of community. A grand decentralization of society. I Fantasize that this is the rebuilding up of a "StarCiv" type culture. I am not naive I real eyes a bumpy road is in store before we can get to that point. Blessings and let it snow :D

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Re: A Theory

Post by Fenton » Sat Jan 02, 2021 2:58 am

Where does the StarCiv come into this?
Would it be possible to at least consider the idea of a centralised society - that cares about us all - might not be such a bad thing?

I know we can barely conceive of it, because it sounds ridiclous. Preposterous. But if it was everyone's job to look after one another, rather than compete with one another - it would be completely different. Completely. It would be the opposite reality, to that which we live in now.

They had this. They understood its benefits. They created beauty and wonder. Each and every farmer slept soundly at night, in the knowledge that his grains were keeping 100 families alive - and well fed. So that they, in turn, could tend the gardens and plan the next, draw out the monument and erect it, man the boats that transported the materials - and build a world of majesty - not in the ruler or King sense - but in the awesome spectacle for human eyes to see sense. A wonderful place to live. For all.

A world in which they were all willingly involved.

How could we possibly wind back from where we are now?

One person at a time. We have time.

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Re: A Theory

Post by Realm Sensor » Tue Jan 05, 2021 3:37 pm

I think we ultimately will wind back, just a matter of time. They wanted to make every sentient beings time as wonderful as possible all across the earth. Perhaps because they "believed" or "knew" they would be coming back to this earth. Maybe we are "them"? They prepped for the "main event" but could they have for seen how dastardly we would become? Was the "main event" as psychologically impactful as it was physical ?

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Re: A Theory

Post by Fenton » Tue Jan 05, 2021 5:37 pm

Was the "main event" as psychologically impactful as it was physical ?
Equally as devestating.

We are them - the survivors - but our entire mind-set was changed, reversed even.

The main event begat the end of oneness and the beginning of the conception - and invention of - self. Humans became selfish.

The unscrupulous (those who realised the intricacies of the concept of 'self' earliest) have played upon this trait ever since, to gain control and power.

The binding of 'self' to identity has landed us where we are today. It's heresy to say as much, I know.

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