A Theory

Your thoughts or theory about the starfort phenomenon. Possible links to myths and legends etc. What happened to the Star Civ? What impact this could have on the world? All ideas welcome.
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Re: A Theory

Post by Fenton » Wed Aug 25, 2021 10:30 am

Choices. Individual choices. The choices we each make.
Actions have consequences. The result of choice is consequence.

She tells me that the role I play in this irony-laden tradegy is different to that which I had assumed. That in fact, for a long while, she mislead me. That the deception is par for the course - to lead me toward where I must be led.
I understand and accept this. It is the nature of reality.

The Observer. An experiential arm of that which she can never know, otherwise.

I am now truly free.

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Re: A Theory

Post by Fenton » Wed Sep 01, 2021 12:16 am

She explained the truth about the concept of 'Messiah'.

Actually, she began by posing a question - how does a Messiah become a Messiah?
It got me thinking.
She filled in the blanks.

The concept of Messiah was left to us by the StarCiv, recorded by the survivors - the many disparate stragglers - as one of their own.

The StarCiv had a Messiah, at the dawn of their civilisation. This Messiah united them all under one humanity. It doesn't matter what his or her name was, the concept was strong enough to make it through the cataclysm and be passed to us.

What elevates a human being to the level of Messiah? What set of circumstances could come to pass that would produce a love for another human being that you have never met, probably having only heard of their teachings?
Something that generates a feeling which transcends love, into reverence?

A feeling born of guilt.
A love and reverence, born of guilt.

The Messiah - the original, one and only of the StarCiv - was born a Seer.
To see that which others do not see.
The Messiah, who inadverantly founded what was to become the StarCiv, saw the truth of this reality.

The Messiah spread the word of truth.

And The Messiah was hated for it. Hated. The Messiah spoke truth - and was reviled by all of humanity.

The Messiah was killed by all of those that hated. Everyone.

But there are some truths that cannot be denied. A truth that gnaws at the mind, always there, ready to resurface at any given moment.
An undeniable truth. A truth that, eventually, must be faced.

And once humanity had come to terms with that truth - a truth that The Messiah had so startlingly exposed - then came the guilt.

They had collectively taken the life of The Messiah. Their Messiah. The most honest, loving and truthful human being that has ever existed.

This is the moment that love transcends into reverence.

This defining moment forged The StarCiv into the people that they became - uniting them, as one - to achieve the staggering, selfless feats that they left for us.

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