A Theory

Your thoughts or theory about the starfort phenomenon. Possible links to myths and legends etc. What happened to the Star Civ? What impact this could have on the world? All ideas welcome.
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Re: A Theory

Post by Fenton » Tue Jul 25, 2023 3:58 pm

We are accelerating - at top speed - towards a reckoning.

The reckoning between what we would like ourselves to be conceived as - and what we actually are.

These words are written on the page by me, but they are coming from The Muse. She has been quiet for a long time.

This sounds insane, but it is what it is.

I have come to understand that our reality is based entirely upon Fate. And that the Fate of humankind is entirely arbitrary.

Yes, Arbitrary.

We can go one way, or the other.

I'd like to think that love, honour and what is right can win, but, that is not the case. Right and correct does not always win.
Sometimes, The Truth is not known. Sometimes. lies rule the day. Since the demise of The StarCiv, this is the norm.

I am glad to be alive, to witness another transition. But I wonder, what part do I play in it?



This part is up to you. I cannot judge myself, I have already done that. My judgement is that it is up to you. You decide.

I must detach myself from society. I must become untouchable from that which may touch me.

I am at a crossroad. To be, or not - that is the question. And only you can decide.

What do you want me to be?

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Re: A Theory

Post by Fenton » Sun Jul 30, 2023 1:30 am

Some (people) may be asking themselves - why doesn't he just get on with it and show us everything that he has?

So, let us - as a thought exercise - look at some of the claims I could make - and then we'll re-assess the above question, afterwards.

The StarCiv was a world civilisation, working in unison, to create a more beautiful (and, as it happens, sustainable) world for all.
That was their only goal.
They strove to make the world in which they lived as beautiful as possible, in every sense of the word.
This included creating Stars for humans to live within, seperating themselves from any preying animals, whilst preserving those preying animals own habitat. The Stars they built were truly feats of engineering genius, technically and ecologically. There were tens of thousands of Stars, scattered across the whole world. Various regions had differing styles of Stars, but all regions were united in their designs of The Field System. Many, many different styles of Field System exist, yet all have the indelible hand of The StarCiv upon them. The purpose of The Field System? - some secrets are just too big to blurt out without context. You wll struggle to believe the unmistakeable purpose of The Field System, but you will know it to be true when you understand it.
They did everything they did for the love of one another.
How well they must have slept at night.

But it all came to an end.
In what must have been the most terrifying fashion.
In fact, it must have been terrifying beyond belief, somuschso that a collective memory-wipe occured.
Or was manipulated into ocurring. I don't know for sure.

The traumatised survivors went on.. to become us.
No wonder we have made so many terrible mistakes.

Do we go on as we are, knowing nothing about who we are - still reeling from the deeply-buried shock of what we have lost?
Or do we confront reality - and then come to terms with it?

Can we come to terms with it?

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Re: A Theory

Post by Fenton » Wed Aug 30, 2023 10:53 pm

I am currently working on a map. That is, a copy of the City of Dresden, drawn in 1758 - and it’s being tidied up. By tidying it up, I mean that I am ‘colourising’ it. By ‘colourising it’, I mean colouring in blue wherever there is water, green wherever there is star garden, etc etc.

I may even colour in the small amount of The Field System on this map. It’s quite unusual to see a field system laid out on maps from the past. Maybe the mapmakers of this earlier (more honest) period simply felt that they couldn’t do The Field System justice, so they rarely tried – and even if they dared, it was somewhat half-heartedly.

Perhaps it was revered as unique marvel, never to be reproduced by way of facsimile.

No idea how it will look, when finished.
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Re: A Theory

Post by Fenton » Thu Sep 07, 2023 6:53 pm

It's a conundrum, that's for sure.

We have - as a species - entered another great period of change. The last period - the cataclysm that changed everything - was out of our hands.
It was Natures will - and she is indifferent to our plight. But that is not quite true, for there were survivors, who were decided quite by chance, I suspect.
This time, the human beings with clarity of vision (their own, over a timeline of several generation) have decided that they will be in charge of who goes forward - and who will not.

A perfectly formed definition of irony, both locally - and eternally.


There has to be a spanner in the works. Something that removes the levers of power from the human hand and passes it back to Nature, for she is The Primary. The Decider. She cannot be usurped. Her will is divine, in a sense. Absolutely, in fact.

There seems to a confluence of events leading towards The Realisation. Interwoven through time - and our collective reality.

I was talking about this recently with my brother. He is a brother from another mother, but truly my brother. I will stand with him - and he with me, come hell or high water. How apopros.

I can produce a series of audio-visual presentations that will blow your mind.

The question is - should I? Or perhaps, as time progresses, rather when should I?

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Re: A Theory

Post by Fenton » Wed Sep 27, 2023 11:42 pm

It feels like we are standing at the gates of The Realisation.
When we realise who we really are - as a species.

Vacillitating between extreme pessimism and hopeful optimism is exhausting. Both mentally and physically. Who knew?

I'm going to start work on the first video of the series - 1.Introduction to The Star Civilisation - tommorow. I haven't a clue about the structure of it, but I know that it will all, somehow, fall into place. I'm still of a mind to include the introduction to the shapes of The Star Civ, because once you know the shapes, you can read most aerial photographs like a book.

Also, a general overview of Stars, Canals and The Field System.

Or maybe I should just stick with looking at the Stars for the first video.

I'm excited to see how this turns out. With a bit of dread.
I would hope that every time I watch it, it will be like the first time I have ever seen it. Now that would a be something, wouldn't it?
If it makes me cringe, I'll know I'm not up to the job of doing it justice - and I won't publish it.

We'll see.

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Re: A Theory

Post by Fenton » Mon Oct 02, 2023 11:50 pm

Imagine this -


you live in a stunningly beautiful world, full of wondrous and majestic things.

you will never be hungry, cold or without shelter.

you live in a reality in which you awaken every day to the excitement of what today will bring.

you live in a world where you are welcome everywhere, greeted by exotic cultures as a friend.

you are an integral part of great projects that span millennia.

your children are safe and cherished by all.

your emphasis in life is to make the world even more beautiful for your children and descendants.

That you have a purpose.

But, that you also know that human existence is brief and full of wonder - and danger - and that each day is precious. That death is always in the background, waiting patiently. And that nothing should be taken for granted, because one day, it will end.

Think of the things you could achieve in your lifetime.

They had this, but something terrible happened and their beautiful world was changed beyond recognition.

And, by twist of fate, a small group of people were so distraught at what had been lost, their misery twisted their minds to crave the opposite of that which they had once had – this small group now wanted to own it all for themselves.

The vast majority had never conceived of such a thing. They had lived in a world of peace, beauty and calm. Their kind nature made them an easy target. Thus, they were subjugated over a period of time – then, set to work as slaves for the new concept.

The vast majority – us – still retain the basic tenets of The Star Civ, their mindset. To love, to cherish, to see beauty and witness majesty and to live a peaceful, productive life. The small group are constantly trying to corrupt us – and many of us have become partly, or wholly, corrupted.

This is the conundrum we face – and it is a paradox that we – the majority – cannot break free from;

Those who are prepared to kill or violate another human being will always be able to subjugate those who are not.

The vast majority of human beings do not want the stain of killing someone else on their conscience, or perhaps their soul.
The majority of us remain true to the inherited ethos of our ancestors - The Star Civ.

There is some comfort in this - that the majority of human beings have remained true to who we once were.

The paradox – that to defeat the small group who are so twisted by their own despair, the majority must become just like them.

A no-win situation.

It is a conundrum which, sadly, has no resolution.

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Re: A Theory

Post by Fenton » Sun Oct 08, 2023 12:27 am

Some of us are about to enter a new state of mind.

I think it’s fair to call it the ‘wtf?’ state of mind.

Oh, don’t get me wrong – I think there are many people already there. To varying degrees.
It’s just that... there are about to be many, many more.

It’s going to get hectic, but you must keep a cool head. Must.

There will be a way through this - it’s simply a matter of finding a needle amongst a haystack.

Har dee hee, har dee harr.

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Re: A Theory

Post by Fenton » Tue Oct 10, 2023 11:15 pm

Back when I was a kid - (I'm 57 now, so a long time ago, before even dinosaurs) - there was a saying "'he is going to the funny farm" or "he's in the funny farm".

The farm in question was an insane asylum.

The person in question had gone mad.

It was called 'the funny farm' because people who lived there were almost constantly laughing. Often, hysterically.

When the reality that one exists in becomes so foreign - so...alien - that everything which occurs seems so utterly ridiculous, so outlandish, so insane - one can only laugh at the audacity of it.

I have only just come to understand exactly why it was called the funny farm.

To be honest, if I end up there, at least there's a whole load of laughter.

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Re: A Theory

Post by Fenton » Wed Oct 18, 2023 11:21 pm

Well, here we are. And what a place we find ourselves in!

I wrote a post last night and didn't publish it. I've done a few of those, over the last 3 years.

It was about the possibility of a war between America, Britain, most of Europe and other countries as well etc. versus Russia or China, or both. Plus there will be some other countries on that side as well.

It was so scary, I didn't publish it.

Have we collectively lost the ability to anticipate a bad future?
If I may be a little presumptious, I'll take a guess at that - we once had the ability, but we lost it.*

*On a positive note - don't forget, for something to be lost means that it is waiting to be found.

Maybe, bad actions have bad consequences, no exception might be a good place to start thinking, to claw our way back to a sense of sanity.
What kind of future do we want?

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I can barely begin to imagine how stunningly beautiful and awe-inspiring these stars once looked. They would have been surrounded by Field System as far as the eye could see, interspersed with large ornamental or natural gardens, tree gardens and often, tree lightning. That my ancestors knew this life fills me with...I don't know how to describe it. It's not pride.
But something close.

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Re: A Theory

Post by Fenton » Fri Oct 20, 2023 10:54 pm

Just to let you know that I believe everything that I say about the StarCiv. The reason for this is, I have allowed my eyes to believe that which they are seeing. I saw the Stars first, then immediately afterwards The Field System and then, immediately again, the canal system.

It took me over 18 months to see why the Field System is there – and the answer lay in Tree Lightning. Which I was very pleased about, to be honest. But that’s another story. Short, mercifully.

In between these two times, the sats, oggs, mini-fields, walling, gardens and forests all came into view.
And other things, which I’ll get to, in due course.

I believe that there was a worldwide civilisation, living in harmony, not only with one another, but with nature, too – no more than 700 years ago. With regard to the 700 years - I’m open to be persuaded otherwise, if someone comes along with a better explanation.
How can I claim they lived in harmony?
Because only everyone working together towards a common goal would have achieved that which they did.

And that which they achieved is truly staggering.

A vast amount of our collective history is made up. Simple fabrication.

We have elevated the invention of that which came before us to a fine art.
And we are perfecting it further. Digitalisation will make it a breeze.

So, really - what does it matter whether you know about The StarCiv or not?

Only you can know that.

Recently - (no, quite often in the past as well) - when I've finished writing the post (like above), I go off to look for an image to accompany the post. The image I chose this time was almost random. 'Almost random', as in it was the prettiest of 3 images which I randomly looked at in my Field Effect folder. I have thousands of pictures of Field System and I consider each one of them to be the highest form of art that humankind has ever produced. Sometimes I look at them and can barely believe they existed. But they did.


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