Some Ideas

Your thoughts or theory about the starfort phenomenon. Possible links to myths and legends etc. What happened to the Star Civ? What impact this could have on the world? All ideas welcome.
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Some Ideas

Post by HazelKraft » Wed Aug 28, 2019 9:52 pm

Well, I'm sure many of you already have this suppositions but...

Have a simple look at the starforts catalogue on Google Earth, don't you see any pattern?
What I see is a grouping of starforts around Belgium, the Netherlands, western Germany and northern France.
Some time ago I got introduced to the Atlantis theory by an author called Jürgen Spanuth and he says that Atlantis was situated in the North Sea, huh, but guess what, the North sea is the sea that is exactly matching where we got these grouping of starforts.
If you know the basics about the Atlanteans, what they looked like, what they were (if it's true) capable of, what their traditions were, etc... you know they were those tall folks who were the best engineers the world knew and that they were also the best seafarers of the ancient times.

Having said that, we can combine this info with the fact that our Earth, our Realm if you prefer it, goes trough cycles, short ones and long ones. Those cycles include climate change with the sun retroacting or giving more energy (thus leading to sea level changes), agricultural growing zones changing, big cataclysmic events (floods, mudfloods and volcanoes giving birth to ash clouds also ending in climate change), etc, etc, etc... and even, for those who are into the occult and esoteric stuff, you know, with metaphysics, you learn there are ages, periods corresponding to the zodiacal signs thus there are ages were some astral force rules, just like now Saturn rules, that's why those rats are ruling over us. But I digress.

So here comes my theory ; I believe that Atlantis sunk just like the story tells us, but that at the same time the lands of Europe, etc... were getting mudflooded. The Atlanteans, leaving their high tech civilisation (still living in harmony with nature with high ideals, but I you want to learn about that you've to learn about paganism ;) ) went looking for new lands to settle. As the expert seafarers they were, they split to all parts of the world, coming across mud everywhere they went. Now, what do you do? You have to start growing food, etc... so you really have to go back to land. During this quest, they strategically chose to settle along the coasts or go inland when they came across a river and then settled. They knew that the floods were going to end and that they would be able to start a new civilisation "soon". Starforts, at least most of them, don't get flooded. Martin Liedtke reminded me that when he said in one of his vids about starforts that "they had starforts because everything around them was mud" (If you read this quote with Martin's accent you are a real FEB fan). Now, I know it looks crazy but have a second look at the catalogue and try the visualize the areas were later on biiigg civilisations arose from nowhere. The "maya", "Inca", "Amazon", Egyptian, and the Asian ones etc... there are starforts on the coasts of these places. And sometimes even inland!

Now comes a question, a logical one ; "but how do you build such forts when everything is mud?" Hah, and that's a good one. But how did someone build the pyramids? Answer that one first! lol

Now comes a second question ; "But why the shape of a star? Why these angles?" And this one can be answered. Atlanteans loved geometric figures, they literally loved to reproduce/to mimic nature's shapes. + It probably has an energy linked function because of course, they knew about free energy (the Earth's energy grid a.k.a. the ley lines) and they also knew about the dangers of a society that uses energy like we do today, but I digress again :lol: . And it's probably the best geometric figure when it comes to countering mud? Or breaking a mud wave?

Now comes a dilemma. If they had a mudflood and built all of this, why is there mudflood and flood damage on the pyramids and other great civilisation's monuments? Maybe because there were many floods and other cataclysmic events since Atlantis sunk?
And such good seafarers obviously knew about the other continents, so why only now start to settle everywhere? Maybe some tradition restricting them from living anywhere else than on Atlantis. At least we know they traded with all the people of the world.
But if they traded, maybe those starforts are simply little extensions of their bigger ones, so that when they traded they could stock what they had traded in their little starforts waiting for the big ship to come and shipping it to the big ones? Maybe that's why Antwerp is the biggest starfort and is also the biggest seaport of Europe? Europe also being the motherland of starforts...

Maybe the Atlantis part is bullocks, maybe the flood part is bullocks, maybe the timing is bullocks, it could be millions of years old.
I wait for your additionnal information, your debunks and rebutals! :geek:
Ah yeah, and sorry for my english, I try my best but french is my mother language.

Oh and I almost forgot... Hum... I had to include this above but If we want to know when the starforts were used or built, we have to have a look at when starforts were all in a perfect position. May I explain myself ; If they chose a place to build a starfort, it logically had to be a place where transport was easy, where growing food was easy and where water levels were not too high or too low. (+ maybe also the availibility of building materials if they didn't bring them with them). Soooo, have a look at today's starforts. Are they all positioned on strategic points? Mmmmhh... (this goes hand in hand with the fact that growing zones and climate are changing cycles, and that's maybe a way to date them)

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Re: Some Ideas

Post by Starman » Fri Aug 30, 2019 2:22 am

Thanks HazelKraft for your excellent ruminations on Atlantis and star fort configurations in Europe. It really resonated with me, though I can't offer any further confirmation (other than my intuition) to back it up. I think you may be correct that the evidence is 'hiding in plain sight.' It makes perfect sense that star forts were defensive fortresses against a muddy world, and that they came into being in a post-Atlantean world.

It always tickles my fancy to consider a population of beings who loved to build and who were in strong partnership with nature. And to think that this was true even after their world was turned upside down! No defeatist attitudes there. They were going to re-colonize the world!

So what happened? It seems they were successful, but something else has come into being and we are in a big mess now.
You don't need to be enlightened, you just need to be a little larger than your disappointments

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Re: Some Ideas

Post by Fenton » Fri Aug 30, 2019 3:46 pm

First off, Hazel, your command of the English language is as good as, if not better, than most English people! :D

Some interesting ideas in your post. Thank you for putting them all down in words.

We all have our own theories - and although they may all differ, many parts of those theories intersect with other people's theories. Colm and I have very different ideas as to what stars are (we no longer call them 'starforts', at all) - but that has helped us bounce ideas around - and we don't take offence at anyone's ideas!

Lots of new information coming soon, parts of which intersect with your ideas, with regards to my own personal theory of what 'stars' represent.

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Re: Some Ideas

Post by HazelKraft » Sat Aug 31, 2019 5:17 pm

Thanks for your reply! :D

Yeah, those are simply theories, even tough I'm still ignoring the vast majority of the world's knowledge and havn't come across any other info about the subject except what Colm and other alternative history channels told me. I really would love to receive more information about stars (I will also call them stars then ;) ).

I'm probably totally wrong when it comes to dating, they can be as old as 1M years old.
And maybe they were not built by men or more precisely by hand...

Can't wait for your new content coming!

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