Star forts in australia

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Star forts in australia

Post by Nicomanfp » Wed Jul 08, 2020 11:46 pm

Another argument used by star-civ deniers is that there are no star forts in Australia? are there any examples of star forts, hedgehogs, or satellites in Australia? or were they all destroyed?

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Re: Star forts in australia

Post by Fenton » Thu Jul 09, 2020 11:29 am

Australia is a bit of an enigma. It was hit hard - in some places it looks like space and time have been warped in some incomprehensible way.
There are many indicators that the StarCiv were there, but nothing as conclusive as a map or aerial photo showing a main star town or city (that I am aware of).

There's this map from 1810 - of Sydney. I've marked in red where there was a 4-point, maybe a another structure and two Star Gardens.

Sydney_1810.jpg (1.94 MiB) Viewed 923 times

The overall layout of Sydney strongly suggests that it was originally a Star city, but beyond the bits left behind in 1810 (4-point etc) the best evidence is found in the Field System that is still apparent in some parts of Australia.

Even though the landscape of Australia is truly bizarre - especially in and amongst the Field System - there are portions of the Field System left fairly intact.

The pic below shows an area of Australian Field System in which 1 mile x 1 mile Fields (exactly like in the USA, where there are literally millions of them, all orientated perfectly to North/South and East/West), these Fields have been 'shifted' from their N/S-E/W orientation slightly, as though the ground beneath them has rotated.

fields1.jpg (950.26 KiB) Viewed 923 times

- and in another area, the Fields remain as 1m x 1m squares, perfectly orientated N/S-E/W:

fields2.jpg (1016.6 KiB) Viewed 923 times

then, we have a multitude of other anololies - not least, artifacts like this:

square.jpg (1.11 MiB) Viewed 923 times

and this:

66miles.jpg (1.29 MiB) Viewed 923 times

A 66 mile long boundary between what, exactly?

The whole of Australia looks like various peices were picked up, swivelled about, jiggled for a while, then parts of it were bombarded by something, whilst some areas remained intact(ish).
As I said - an enigma. It's probably one of the last places I'll take a really good look, due to the volume of easier to comprehend stuff available elsewhere.

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