The Cataclysm - and later, the mud flood

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The Cataclysm - and later, the mud flood

Post by Fenton » Mon Mar 25, 2019 1:56 pm

It's going to be difficult explaining what happened to the StarCiv without addressing the cause for it's almost total destruction in many areas - and light damage in other areas - all over The Earth.

There seems to have been a series of major events in the past of which we are no longer aware.

There is evidence of a major cataclysmic event that took place during the period when the StarCiv was at it's zenith, possibly as little as 400-500 years ago.

There is also evidence that there was some kind of mud or silt flood relatively recently (in the last 150-200 years or so).

There was also some major flooding during WW2.

All of which add up to much of the StarCiv being destroyed, half-wrecked and then finally parts of it being covered over by mud or silt.

We'll address this issue in greater detail in the next post..

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